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Year 3: Active Planet



(No actors have been harmed)

As soon as the volcano erupted the children had to evacuate with only the emergency 
survival kits. Once they found safe ground they started to organise themselves into 
teams;some working as doctors and nurses helping the injured while others set up shelters or prepared and distributed equally available food.

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Making a Compass

  • A reasonably strong bar magnet
  • A paper clip or a needle
  • Thin piece of cork or a disc cut from the bottom of a polystyrene cup
  • Shallow dish of water

(This experiment can also be carried out using a needle instead of a paperclip, but the children would need to take extra care when using these.)

  1. Straighten out a paper clip.
  2. Stroke the paperclip with one end of the bar magnet, in one direction only.
  3. Repeat this 10 to 20 times, using the same end of the magnet and stroking in the same direction. Do not rub back and forth.
  4. Hold the magnetised paperclip and see if you can pick up another paperclip. If it doesn’t work, repeat steps 1 to 3 to make it stronger.
  5. Float the paperclip in the middle of a dish of water on the cork or polystyrene disc. The paperclip should slowly point towards north.

Note: Make sure that no strong magnets are near the dish of water or the paperclip will point towards them instead!

Year 3 Art -Ourselves, Nature and the Creator

Children were learning about different drawing and painting techniques. They tried to thin paint using water and to thicken paint using pva glue. We also looked at different paintings by famous artists and then reflected on the beautiful nature all around us.

Can you spot your painting?

Can you spot your painting?

painting detail