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Year 5 show support in annual Holocaust Memorial 2016

On Wednesday 27th January 2016 the Year 5 Class participated in the annual Redbridge Holocaust Memorial Ceremony at the memorial gardens in Valentines Park, in remembrance of those who suffered genocide for which the theme was “Don’t Stand by”.

”Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) is an opportunity to forge links across all the diverse strands of local community lives, to build understanding and unite in a common cause.” (Redbridgei)


Mr. Alan Weinberg with our headteacher and some pupil20160127_121934 

Bake sale for flooded school in Carlilse – Crosby-on Eden Primary School on 15th January 2016

Al-Noor Primary helped Crosbys on Eden CoE Primary School in Carlisle which had been a victim of recent flash floods which have forced school closure and caused huge damage to the school and its resources. Pupils have discussed how they could help and decided to hold a Cake & Hot Chocolate sale on Friday, 15th January 2016.

They generous donations of cake galore were purchase to eat straight away or as teatime treats! Pupils also had a non-uniform day at the cost of £1 per pupil to help raise additional funds.

As a thank you effort Crosby set up a blog link with our year 3 and 4 pupils who have been sending messages of thanks and support to each other as well as finding out how the pupils at Crosby-on-Eden have been facing difficulties and challenges of everyday life!

We managed to raise a very helpful sum of £719.33!!

20160115_151053 20160115_151059 pic6 pic4 pic3

British, Religious, Cultural Heritage Week

Al-Noor held its annual BRCH week from Monday 11th January and held an assembly presented by each class every day of the following week.

Classes had the opportunity to extend their learning through collaboration on understanding more about different faiths and beliefs, respecting everyone and our commitment to the world. An important part of our SMSC provision within the school!

Year 6 made links with our local Sikh Gurdwara and had a visitor who came to speak about the Sikh faith, whilst Reception looked at appreciating Our World, Year 1 at Respecting everyone in our community, Year 2 learnt about Christianity, year 3: Judaism, Year 4: Hinduism, and Year 5 about Buddhism!

The assemblies delivered were well presented and informative! Well done to all!

DSCF0285 DSCF0286

DSCF0290 DSCF0304

Year 6 Trip to Kidzania

IMG_1757 (1)DSCF0223 DSCF0266 DSCF0259 DSCF0230 DSCF0245 DSCF0224 DSCF0239


Year 6 had a wonderful time at Kidzania on 13th January 2016.  They had their own money ‘Kidzos’ to manage.  They had several work experiences and learned new skills.

Year 6 Trip to Suntrap

DSCF0141 DSCF0154 DSCF0132DSCF0125


Year 6 Trip to Suntrap- Exploring a stream erosion.


The children have been learning about how a stream erosion occurs.  They did some field work and collected data which helped them draw a stream accutately.  The children enjoyed their walk in the stream.



Police visit KS1 & KS2

PC Mahoney and PCSO Mardell visit twice in one day to deliver assemblies for KS1 and KS2 on January 18th 2016.

An informative and hands on assembly delivered to our KS1 and KS2 pupils.

KS1 had the opportunity to learn about what the police do, how to stay safe and some even tried on the police uniforms! KS2 covered a bit more in depth about the role of the police, staying safe, anti-bullying, gang culture and crime and consequences allowing pupils to explore rule of law. Yes, they also got to dress up as police officers!

Thank you PC Mahoney and PCSO Mardell for helping to keep our community safe – we really enjoyed your inspiring visit!

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