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Yr 5 Link Day 1 with Ilford Jewish Primary School (IJPS)

Year 5 pupils from Al-Noor have recently linked up with Yr 5 students from Ilford Jewish Primary (IJPS) at Fullwell Cross Library. This was a part of our Schools Link Project to allow our pupils to meet other pupils and learn about different religions and communities.


Students from both schools started the day off with ice-breakers…


Then getting to know each other – Yr 5 boys shared lovely conversations about football!!





One of the activities students from both schools carried out were ‘Who am I?’ backpack worksheets which reflected their own personalities. This was so pupils could find it easier to share information about themselves.



Teachers as well as the students thoroughly enjoyed the day! We can’t wait for the following Link days to meet our friends from IJPS!


British Cultural Heritage Week

This event took place on the 11th of January 2016. Each class studied about a religion and shared what they have learned in an assembly to the rest of the school.

Year 6 have been focussing on Sikhism.  They had an informative talk from Guru Mankamal.

IMG_1724 (2) mankamal 2  DSCF0310DSCF0309DSCF0300

Breaking news! Volcanic Eruption


Children had to evacuate their classroom during the “Volcanic eruption” day. They brought evacuation packs and tin food to share and learn a lot about their character during the day. Read the news reports below.


A major volcanic eruption on the 26th of January 2016 causing panic in 200,000 homes. Scientists claim this has been the most disruptive eruption in history.

Reporter, Umm Younes says “600 people are in hospitals and 300 people were killed after this major catastrophe. 20, 000 people are now in a bunkers underground at the same time 100 flights had to be put off due to the ash cloud”. The rescue community will try hardest to rebuild people’s lives.

Yunus, Alpha Smith Media Correspondent, Sheffield.



On Thursday, 7 o’clock in the morning the volcano in east London erupted. It injured 20,000 people and people got covered in ash and lava.

Lots of people were injured and it was believed 600 people died from the volcano eruption. Scientists believed that 50 people stayed in their houses. Scientists believe the volcano will erupt again.

Zainab, Year 3 reporter



Yesterday a volcano in Goodmayes erupted leaving thousands of people without access to food or health care. The whole town was covered with ash. People’s houses were damaged.

It is believed that over 60 people have died, while evaluating the buildings. The people who were injured got treated in a hospital. Rescue services are going to fix the town and take people back home.

For further information contact this number 0800 071 0991.

Abdullah, Year 3 reporter

The future MP’s have arrived.

DSCF0319999                          DSCF0323DSCF0325DSCF0346

Year 6 went on a fascinating trip to the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 26th January 2016 in order to learn more about Democracy. They took part in a workshop called ‘Your Voice’.

The class was split into two groups.  Some children were chosen to represent the Public, the Baroness, and the Minister.  The rest of the group had to persuade them with their ideas for a 3 day weekend.

Saifullah said,“ It was a fun game and I learnt different ways of persuading people.”



The Great Fire of London



Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London, which started in Pudding Lane at a bakers store. This is year 2’s art work on the topic up on display!.

WoW Banner Competition winner from Al-Noor School announced by Redbridge

Al-Noor took part in the Redbridge WoW Banner Competition and one of our pupils from Reception was chosen by Redbridge as the school winner!

Back in November we ran a school banner competition and sent off our best entries to the School Travel Team in Redbridge. I am pleased to inform everyone that one of our pupils was voted the winner for our school and has now had his banner printed and ready to put up at school to encourage everyone else to walk to school and use sustainable methods of travel when coming to school.

The winner was Yusuf in Reception! A huge masha’Allah to Yusuf for taking part and being a winner from a variety of school who took part in Redbridge! Reception will had a special assembly on Monday 8th February 2016 where Yusuf was presented with his prize and showcased his banner, his mum and sibling also came along to see!



wow banner2

‘Walking Keeps the Earth Well’ by Yusuf

wow banner

Yusuf and Khadeejah’s banners ( a previous winner)

Seerah Poetry Competition-External and Internal Winners Announced

In December we ran a Seerah week to help our pupils learn more about the beloved Prophet Muhammad sallahu alaihi wasalam, we also wrote poems as part of a local poetry competition.

The school is delighted to announce that, despite stiff competition from children up and down the country, all three places in the age category of 10 and under were Al-Noor Primary pupils! Masha’Allah!

Zain, yr 6 took 1st placeSumayyah, yr 6, 2nd place and Imaan yr 2 was in 3rd place.

Children read their poems on stage to the audience who were also pleased to hear the enchanting voices of Sawt ul-Noor’s rendition of ‘Muhammad Mustafa’ by Kamal Uddin. Well done Zain, Sumayyah, Imaan & the Sawt ul Noor team, masha’Allah!


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