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Year 5 Clay Pots

In February 2016, year 5 made clay pots  in art and design. The theme was ancient Greek.

First we looked at pictures of ancient Greek pots to see what they looked like. After that we sketched some designs in our art books and made different pots out of play dough.

Finally the day came…it was time to make clay pots! We learnt two different ways of making clay pots.

The first way was the pinch pot, where you stick your thumb into the clay and shape it to make a pot. The second one is called the coil pot. To make the coil pot you need to roll a bit of clay into a worm shape. You repeat this process until you have many. Then coil them to make a coil pot.

We really enjoyed making our clay pots!

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Humayra Nadia Yahya

Year 5 Baking Bread

In December 2015 Year 5 completed a project about bread. This topic was a part of Design & Technology. They learned how to make bread. They also learned about the effects of yeast and how to knead. They chose their own flavours and shapes of the bread.

They had a lot of fun making the bread. Some groups made plaited bread while others made loafs.

Year 5 enjoyed this topic and loved making the bread.

Blog post by: Rayeesah, Umaymah, Alisha, Muhammad & Qasim

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Year 5 Colour Wheels

Last Friday Year 5 were painting colour wheels for their art lesson.

They learnt about primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours. They mixed primary colours to make secondary colours, and then they mixed secondary colours with primary colours to make tertiary colours!

Wow! What a lot of colours!

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Year One and Year Two Bikeability Training

Year One and Two had very successful two day sessions over the last two weeks learning level 1 cycling training in Goodmayes Park. This was delivered by Cycle Confident in association with the Smarter Travel Team in Redbridge. Pupils were really confident and courageous attempting to learn cycling without stabilisers and in understanding basic cycling manoeuvres, signals and safety precautions. A huge well done to all pupils who took part!

-Do remember the ABC rule before cycling:
A- air in tyres, are they firm to pinch?
B- brakes- do they both work?
C- chains-is it in working order?

-Avoid leaving bikes in the rain to avoid rusting and damage.

-Always wear a helmet to protect yourself.  More information available  at

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Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park

Year One children watching Wings of Paradise show.


Learning about different birds.


The fastest land animal.


The White Lion Pride




Observing Lemurs


Photo Board – Wolves


Photo Board – Meerkats


At Angkor Reptile Temple


Farmyard – Pygmy Goats


Having Fun!


The Big Pedal Has Arrived at Al-Noor

A huge congratulations so far to all the pupils who have been cycling or scooting to school. A change from their normal journeys to school by car! On Day 3 the numbers are definitely rising! So keep up the super work to convince parents to leave the car at home!

There are 1678 schools across the UK taking part in the big pedal and Al-Noor is ranked on the leader boards. Keep checking this post for updates on how we are doing! We have been keeping a daily log since we started on Monday the 18th April!

We still need more pupils to cycle and scoot as 11% of our pupils cycling or scooting just isn’t enough!!

On Day 10: Al-Noor Primary School — 5-day challenge

Position School Daily Score
742 New Row Primary School 23.35%
743 The Ellis Church of England (Voluntary Aided) Primary School 23.33%
744 Al-Noor Primary School 23.32%
745 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Hastings 23.30%
745 Wrockwardine Wood Infant School & Nursery 23.30%
Our bike rack is overflowing...

Our bike rack is overflowing…Our school totals so far…

Journeys: 324

Supporter Journeys 3.65

Daily Score: 23.32%

How are we doing compared to Redbridge schools on the Primary Schools 5 Day challenge.

Al-Noor is 5th in the Borough!!

osition School Location Daily Score
589 William Torbitt Primary School Ilford, Essex Map 29.09%
652 Mossford Green Primary School Ilford, Essex Map 26.64%
662 Apex Primary School Ilford, Essex Map 26.18%
737 St Peter and Paul’s Catholic Primary School Ilford, Essex Map 23.57%
744 Al-Noor Primary School Home Ilford, Essex Map 23.32%
833 Coppice Primary School Chigwell, Essex Map 19.95%
845 Aldersbrook Primary School Wanstead, London Map 19.67%
849 Gordon Infants’ School Ilford, Essex Map 19.46%
854 Chadwell Primary School Chadwell Heath, Romford Map 19.22%
905 Redbridge Primary School Redbridge, Essex Map 17.03%
923 John Bramston Primary School London, London Map 16.30%
927 Gearies Primary School Gants Hill, Ilford Map 15.92%
930 Ilford Ursuline Preparatory School Ilford, Essex Map 15.80%
963 Fairlop Primary School Ilford, Essex Map 13.85%
965 Parkhill Junior School Ilford, Essex Map 13.74%
973 Gilbert Colvin Primary School Ilford, Esex Map 13.22%
1067 Ray Lodge Primary School Woodford Green Map 3.79%
1078 Woodlands Junior School Loxford Lane, Ilford Map 2.44%

Ancient Egypt by Year 3

Year 3 have had so much fun learning about ancient Egypt.

We learned about how pyramids were built and found out that some pyramids had very narrow corridors.  We pretended to be archaeologists crawling through the pyramid corridors and discovering a burial chamber of a pharaoh. We did not know what we would discover when we entered the “pyramid”.  We had to present the information we could gather to the rest of the class and so we all learned about different pharaohs, such as Hatsepshut, Rameses II, Ahtenaten, Tutankhamun, Cleopatra.


London Fire Brigade Visit

London Fire Brigade Visit Al-Noor

Al-Noor Primary Pupils and staff were fortunate enough to have a visit from the London Fire Brigade Team. Children visited the Fire Truck and were given an insight into the work of a fireman. Many of the pupils asked interesting questions to help them understand one of the emergency services who help us.

DSCF0779 DSCF0720 DSCF0730 DSCF0741



Golden time: Hanging door/wall plaques

For Golden time, year 2 made door/wall plaques using modelling clay. There were a whole range of wonderful designs. Here are some photos….

030 027 026



Assembly on Judaism

The whole were very honoured to invite and receive a special guest today 13th April 2016, Reverend Stewart Myers from Ilford Jewish Primary school, who came to share  with us some insightful information about the beliefs held in the Jewish faith. The pupils learnt about Sabbath, Hannukah, the Ten commandments and more. Reverend Myers also read some prayers and translated them, one of them being a message about treating neighbours as one wishes to be treated themself.

The pupils were also delighted to explore the similarities between Hebrew and Arabic – like ‘salaam’ (Arabic) and ‘Shalom’ (Hebrew) both meaning ‘peace’.

Reverand Visit_Judaism (7)

Showing us the Menorah!

Reverand Visit_Judaism (4)

An example of a candle which might be lit to represent the end of Sabbath.

Reverand Visit_Judaism (28)

Two candles lit to mark the beginning of Sabbath in Judaism