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Year 5 Flower Paintings

In Art and Design, Year 5 have been studying the paintings style of Georgia O’ Keeffe. We have been learning how to paint enlarged flowers. We also learned how to make secondary and tertiary colours by mixing primary colours (red, blue and yellow).

In addition to this, we used black paint for shading and white for tinting. We also learned to use a contrast of warm colours like red and orange with cool colours such as blue and purple.

We had fun painting!

DSCF0432 DSCF0433 DSCF0434 DSCF0435

Blog post by: Sumayyah, Tahani, Ibrahim, Haneef

3D Flowers

Year 5 have been making 3D flowers in art. We made a display of our flowers, grouping them into bouquets. We used different coloured tissue paper and acrylic paints (gold, red, green, silver and white).


Green Card

Acrylic paint

Tissue paper (different shades and colours)


  1. First we got 4 different shades of tissue paper.
  1. Secondly we  put them together and folded them in accordion style.
  1. Then we folded the green card into a stem.
  1. Next we pinched the middle of the flower and taped it to the stem.
  1. After we opened up the flower by separating the shades of tissue paper one by one.
  1. Lastly we added some detail by painting the tips of the petal and the middle to make it look like pollen.

Don’t they look pretty?

DSCF0393    t DSCF0395    b DSCF0411  b DSCF0416   b


Blog post by: Aiema, Humayra, Hiba, Umaymah

William Morris Gallery

On Wednesday 11th May, Year Three went to the William Morris Gallery to learn about the artist himself. they learnt about how nature inspired him to create such beautiful art that could be marvelled at from your very own sofa!

The children had a session where they created art themselves by learning about repeating patterns, motif and block printing.

William Morris Gallery

World of Ancient Egyptians!

Recently Year Three went to The British Museum to look at the wonderful artefacts that still remain from the time of the Ancient Egyptians. It was really fascinating because we learnt so much about their customs and what they believed in. We also took along our sketch books so we were able to not only identify the artefacts but draw some as well. It made for a very colourful portfolio!