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Day Glow Day – Thursday 21st October 2016

Al-Noor took part in the London Borough of Redbridge ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ Campaign – linked to our school travel plan initiatives.

dscf0520 year-6

As the day has become short and a number of pupils travel to school and home in the dark we took part in this day to bring awareness about the importance of being bright and being seen by other road users.

We had an assembly on to share with our pupils why it is important to be seen, particularly by car drivers to avoid accidents involving pedestrians.

A number of our pupils took part and wore something especially bright and dazzled us with their enthusiasm and participation. We continue to encourage neon bands, hats, gloves, jackets and bags to be worn whilst travelling outside of  Day Glow Day just to keep safe.

School Council Assembly and Local MP Mike Gapes Visit

We were so pleased to welcome MP Mr. Mike Gapes to our new school site to deliver a really wonderful assembly about his job and how he got there. It was very motivating to hear him encourage all our pupils about not giving up and trying hard to be successful in something.

A number of our pupils were nominated, and campaigned, to be voted by class members as school council representatives. Mr. Gapes helped us to welcome them to form the new school council team with special school council badges.

Well done to all of you and a special thanks to our guest! We hope you visit again soon!


school_council_elections-16-17-8 school_council_elections-16-17-12

School Council Elections Week and Polling Day

The whole school is buzzing with excitement as pupils nominate themselves and others to be voted as representatives in our school council election on the 6th October 2016.

A number of committed pupils have designed posters and even badges to get into the spirit of campaigning. They have focused on considering the qualities of a good leader who speaks as one voice for all pupils.

Polling Day arrived on 6th of October when all KS2 classes went off to the Polling Station (our main hall) to cast their ballots.

school_council_elections-16-17-1  001_3image_2  image_4