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Law and Order!

On the 22nd of January 2019, we were visited by police officers Rob Higgins and Craig. The purpose of their visit was to inform us about crime and the consequences. We were told about the punishment of doing crimes that children of our age have been doing. One of the punishments they told us about was the ankle tag.  This device is attached to your ankle and allows the police identify your location.  This means you are not allowed to leave the house without raising an alarm.  It will also not allow you to leave your house before the curfew which is issued by the police.

As we are getting older and we will be moving on to secondary school where we might get influenced by our peers who want us to do the wrong things. They also explained to us how we would be dealt with if we were arrested and also how we could avoid being arrested, for example choosing the right friends and make the right choices.

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