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Sweatshop Reenactment 30/05/19

In English, Year 5 have been reading, ‘Kick,’ a story about a boy from Indonesia who dreams of becoming a footballer but starts working in a sweatshop making football boots.

A deeper look into this topic exposed the harsh reality of sweatshops around the world. So, in order to delve deep into the character of Budi, a sweatshop was set out in class to mimic the working conditions of sweatshop employees.

Making shoes by cutting out templates and sewing them together with wool.

The Big Boss watching over the children, ensuring they do their job right.

At the end of this activity, pupils said that they felt tired and that their experience was still much different to the real sweatshop workers’ who would have to do this for much longer hours, throughout the week and with very little pay.

Science: How do we filter murky water?

Year 5 were given the task of removing mud and grit from a beaker full of dirty water. They were given a sieve, some beakers and filter paper and left on their own to figure it out.

Grit was left behind in the sieve. But the water was still dirty.
Then filter paper was used. However, without a funnel, it was very fiddly!
After the filter paper was used, the water came out almost clear!

STEM WEEK 18/03/19

STEM: Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics

Year 5 were given the task to design a Mars Rover for STEM Week

They had to design the Rover first, then build it using Lego.
Then they had to attach a bin liner for the parachute and attach the Rover to it with strings.

The Rover was then dropped from the balcony of the second floor.
As you can see, not all made it in one piece!

Science: Solubles & Insolubles

Experiment time!

They tested whether sand, sugar, salt, cocoa powder and flour were soluble or insoluble, and whether they dissolved or made a solution.

World Book Day 2019! Reading with Year 1

As part of World Book Day, Year 5 payed a visit to the year 1 class to read to them.

Both years really enjoyed this activity, getting through many story books!

Islamic Awareness Week 2019

This year, Year 5 did an amazing job hosting Islamic Awareness Week. Schools from the borough visit Al-Noor to see different exhibitions set up by the classes of Al-Noor School.

The exhibitions included ‘Science & Islam,’ ‘Islam & sport,’ ‘Arabic calligraphy, and many more.


Money! Money! Money!
The Al-Noor bank posse.
Next stop BBC !