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Landforms by Year 2




In Geography, Year Two have been learning about physical and human features. To scaffold their learning, they made 3-D models of landforms using a range of materials.

IMG_20180110_114602596 IMG_20180110_114606574 IMG_20180110_114612859 IMG_20180110_114626802

Year 2 -Continents and Oceans

img_0697 img_0698 img_0699

For Geography, Year 2 have been learning about continents and oceans. Here are some of the globes that were made!

Year One and Year Two Bikeability Training

Year One and Two had very successful two day sessions over the last two weeks learning level 1 cycling training in Goodmayes Park. This was delivered by Cycle Confident in association with the Smarter Travel Team in Redbridge. Pupils were really confident and courageous attempting to learn cycling without stabilisers and in understanding basic cycling manoeuvres, signals and safety precautions. A huge well done to all pupils who took part!

-Do remember the ABC rule before cycling:
A- air in tyres, are they firm to pinch?
B- brakes- do they both work?
C- chains-is it in working order?

-Avoid leaving bikes in the rain to avoid rusting and damage.

-Always wear a helmet to protect yourself.  More information available  at

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Golden time: Hanging door/wall plaques

For Golden time, year 2 made door/wall plaques using modelling clay. There were a whole range of wonderful designs. Here are some photos….

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Photography of Nature

In the Spring term, Year 2 had the chance to take these beautiful photos, using cameras, of the different plants and of nature found in the playground and in the clubhouse’s garden. ICT and Science was combined to take clear photos of as many plants with different characteristics. As you can see, some of the plants are bright green, some are dark with many different shaped leaves. Here are a few photos….Who can spot the worm emerging out of the soil.DSCF0058 DSCF0052DSCF0059

The Great Fire of London



Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London, which started in Pudding Lane at a bakers store. This is year 2’s art work on the topic up on display!.

02/02/16 -Year 2 have made 3-D models of Ibn Batutta’s boat

As part of our creative subjects in school we have learnt about the travels of Ibn Battuta across different countries of the World. In DT we created models of his mode of transport – ships! We used a variety of materials and techniques to help us make our 3D models.

DSCF0367DSCF0369DSCF0371 IslamAwarenessWeekDTDSCF0373DSCF0374DSCF0375DSCF0376

Year 2 Class project on time

Year 2 have been learning about how to tell time. They have created their own clocks and board games on how to tell time.

MashaAllah to the amazing effort put in by all the children and their hard working parents.


Umm Khadeejah – Year 2 Class Teacher