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Year 3’s trip to The Chiltern Open Air Musuem

On the 23rd of November 2016, Year 3 visited The Chiltern Open Air Museum.

They visited an authentically made Iron Age roundhouse!

img_0685 img_0688

They were put into groups and were given the task of making shelter from branches…

img_0669 img_0676

And they even made their own clay pots and plates!

img_0654 img_0655

Year 3 D&T (3-D towns)

dt-structures1 dt-structures2 dt-structures3 dt-structures4

Year 3 have been constructing ‘3-D towns’ in D&T. They have also looked at ‘familiar settings’ in English as well as learning about the geographical features of the UK in Geography.

Pupils decided between surburbun and urban towns by using their own familiarity and knowledge of their neighbourhood.

First, they planned the layout of their town by adding roads. Then they made 3-D buildings by folding nets and decorated them.

William Morris Gallery

On Wednesday 11th May, Year Three went to the William Morris Gallery to learn about the artist himself. they learnt about how nature inspired him to create such beautiful art that could be marvelled at from your very own sofa!

The children had a session where they created art themselves by learning about repeating patterns, motif and block printing.

William Morris Gallery

World of Ancient Egyptians!

Recently Year Three went to The British Museum to look at the wonderful artefacts that still remain from the time of the Ancient Egyptians. It was really fascinating because we learnt so much about their customs and what they believed in. We also took along our sketch books so we were able to not only identify the artefacts but draw some as well. It made for a very colourful portfolio!



Ancient Egypt by Year 3

Year 3 have had so much fun learning about ancient Egypt.

We learned about how pyramids were built and found out that some pyramids had very narrow corridors.  We pretended to be archaeologists crawling through the pyramid corridors and discovering a burial chamber of a pharaoh. We did not know what we would discover when we entered the “pyramid”.  We had to present the information we could gather to the rest of the class and so we all learned about different pharaohs, such as Hatsepshut, Rameses II, Ahtenaten, Tutankhamun, Cleopatra.


Breaking news! Volcanic Eruption


Children had to evacuate their classroom during the “Volcanic eruption” day. They brought evacuation packs and tin food to share and learn a lot about their character during the day. Read the news reports below.


A major volcanic eruption on the 26th of January 2016 causing panic in 200,000 homes. Scientists claim this has been the most disruptive eruption in history.

Reporter, Umm Younes says “600 people are in hospitals and 300 people were killed after this major catastrophe. 20, 000 people are now in a bunkers underground at the same time 100 flights had to be put off due to the ash cloud”. The rescue community will try hardest to rebuild people’s lives.

Yunus, Alpha Smith Media Correspondent, Sheffield.



On Thursday, 7 o’clock in the morning the volcano in east London erupted. It injured 20,000 people and people got covered in ash and lava.

Lots of people were injured and it was believed 600 people died from the volcano eruption. Scientists believed that 50 people stayed in their houses. Scientists believe the volcano will erupt again.

Zainab, Year 3 reporter



Yesterday a volcano in Goodmayes erupted leaving thousands of people without access to food or health care. The whole town was covered with ash. People’s houses were damaged.

It is believed that over 60 people have died, while evaluating the buildings. The people who were injured got treated in a hospital. Rescue services are going to fix the town and take people back home.

For further information contact this number 0800 071 0991.

Abdullah, Year 3 reporter