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Planetarium Trip- Royal Observatory, Greenwich (05/12/18)

Snack time in Greenwich Park. Such a beautiful view, MashAllah!

Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos inside the Planetarium as it was pitch black…However, here is a similar photo to show you how it looked inside…

We watched a show called ‘Meet the Neighbours’. It was awe-inspiring!

Wassily Kadinski -Art

Year 5 recreated their own ‘Kadinski’ masterpieces. Kadinski was known for his abstract artwork.

Art pieces called: Yellow-Red-Blue/
Color Study, Squares with Concentric Circles /Several Circles/Composition 8.

Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo

Our English display board

In the first term, Year 5 read Friend or Foe. They developed a deeper understanding of this captivating story through diary entries and role-play.

On display are some letters that the children wrote to ‘mother’ from the main character ‘David’ who was a World War 2 Evacuee.

Serita Solomon visits Al-noor!!

On the 8.03.2018 Serita Solomon visited Al-noor, when she visited she encouraged pupils to exercise and be fit.She gave the children a chance to try different warm ups and other activities to test their strengths.After the warm ups she gave them a short autobiography of her life,career and the challenges she went through as an Olympic hurdler.Lastly she show them a medal she had attained at the Commonwealth games in 2014.She came home with a bronze medal which she presented to the children.DSCF1336IMG_0356[1]

3D Flowers

Year 5 have been making 3D flowers in art. We made a display of our flowers, grouping them into bouquets. We used different coloured tissue paper and acrylic paints (gold, red, green, silver and white).


Green Card

Acrylic paint

Tissue paper (different shades and colours)


  1. First we got 4 different shades of tissue paper.
  1. Secondly we  put them together and folded them in accordion style.
  1. Then we folded the green card into a stem.
  1. Next we pinched the middle of the flower and taped it to the stem.
  1. After we opened up the flower by separating the shades of tissue paper one by one.
  1. Lastly we added some detail by painting the tips of the petal and the middle to make it look like pollen.

Don’t they look pretty?

DSCF0393    t DSCF0395    b DSCF0411  b DSCF0416   b


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Year 5 Clay Pots

In February 2016, year 5 made clay pots  in art and design. The theme was ancient Greek.

First we looked at pictures of ancient Greek pots to see what they looked like. After that we sketched some designs in our art books and made different pots out of play dough.

Finally the day came…it was time to make clay pots! We learnt two different ways of making clay pots.

The first way was the pinch pot, where you stick your thumb into the clay and shape it to make a pot. The second one is called the coil pot. To make the coil pot you need to roll a bit of clay into a worm shape. You repeat this process until you have many. Then coil them to make a coil pot.

We really enjoyed making our clay pots!

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Humayra Nadia Yahya

Year 5 Baking Bread

In December 2015 Year 5 completed a project about bread. This topic was a part of Design & Technology. They learned how to make bread. They also learned about the effects of yeast and how to knead. They chose their own flavours and shapes of the bread.

They had a lot of fun making the bread. Some groups made plaited bread while others made loafs.

Year 5 enjoyed this topic and loved making the bread.

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Year 5 Colour Wheels

Last Friday Year 5 were painting colour wheels for their art lesson.

They learnt about primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours. They mixed primary colours to make secondary colours, and then they mixed secondary colours with primary colours to make tertiary colours!

Wow! What a lot of colours!

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