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Spelling Bee and Times Table Champions

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Today we had a wonderful end of term assembly.

Our Times Table champion was Muadh from Year 6 and for our Spelling Bee, the winner was Khayriyyah also from Year 6.

Well Done!


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DDD4- Inspire Us Please!


Mr Ahmed came to our DDD4 to talk to us about his career, being a scientist. We were also stationed in the Al-Noor Foundation, The Board Room.


The challenge was to make tablets of the same lengths and depths being 1 cm in diameter and 0.5 in depth.



Mrs Sadia came during the second part of the session to tell us about her career. She actually had two careers; a Chartered Accountant and a Baker.


She set us an activity; decorating cupcakes. This is one of the girls groups.


The boys decorated this set. 


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Science Week- Year 6


This is a lego robot. It is designed to follow a remote. It is also made of wires.


Model of the Solar System



Usman designed a simple homopolar motor which contained a battery, some magnets and a piece of bronze wire.


This is a lava lamp made by Muadh.




This group was making marshmallow slime, they warmed up the marshmallows for 30 sec. After it cooled down they added oil to it and then it turned to slime which was very sticky.

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World Book Day – Year 6

DSCF1359   DSCF1363


We had World Book Day on the 9th of March. We had a wonderful time especially after the teachers gave a wonderful performance based on the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

After that the teachers announced the winners. And from our class the winners were Fatima I and Kayan. They had made their own costumes, Fatima sewed some hearts on her beautiful black and red dress;she dressed up as Queen of hearts.  On the other hand, Kayan had made a Lego costume which was the most creative costume Al-Noor have ever set eyes on.


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The Arrival Of The Author!


Zanib Mian came to our school on 7/03/18 to talk to us about her career as an author.


She read to us one of her favorite books she wrote entitled “The Muslims”.


Some children from our class were inspired by her books.