Redbridge Walk to School Week 21st November – 25th November 2015 & Competition

Al-Noor will be taking part in the Redbridge Walk to School initiative this week.

Calling all ‘park and striders’! Walk from a bit further this next week by leaving 5 minutes earlier! Those who normally travel by school bus should continue as normal on the schoolbus! Don your warm woolies and coats, wellies or boots (but make sure you have you school shoes with you) and enjoy the scenery and fresh air as you walk to school!

There will be a warm surprise for pupils who walk to school on Friday 25th November 2016 insha’Allah!

We will also be running a Walk to School banner Competition.

This competition is to encourage more pupils to walk to school on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. You can ask your children to think about why it is good to walk to school and come up with a strong message/ slogan about health and eco benefits. School pupils have won in the past masha’Allah! The template is attached to your Jumuah Notice Bulletin. The deadline is 5th December 2016. Please hand your entries in to Umm ‘Isa!