Al-Noor Primary School, 619-629 Green Lane, Goodmayes, Ilford, Essex, IG3 9RP


“the ability to adapt to stress and adversity, and return to a good position after experiencing difficulty”

About Al-Noor

Al-Noor Muslim Primary School is an Independent, faith-based school for boys and girls on the outskirts of East London. We are a one-form-entry (one class per year group) and deliver a curriculum based on the National Curriculum, informed by our ethos and supplemented by Qur’anic and Islamic studies.

The school was opened in 2002 and is proud to have seen through thirteen year six cohorts since then. When the Al-Noor Foundation was successful in its bid to open a Voluntary Aided school on the site of our school building, we vacated it for two years to allow building work to take place.

When the building was complete, the new school opened with only four classes leaving many spare classrooms. They kindly allowed us to move in and use the spare rooms, so we moved back to our old address in September 2018.

From September 2018 we have started to shrink in size in a series of planned reductions in size until our last year six cohort leaves us in July 2023.

Kindly note that admission of a child in our school does not give siblings entitlement to admission to the Voluntary Aided School. The two schools occupy the same site but are completely separate entities.

Mission Statement
To strive to nurture excellence in an Islamic environment.

Vision Statement
An inspiring learning centre at the heart of local community; nurturing self-aware and highly achieving people who serve Allah (God) and positively transform and serve their families, communities, society and themselves.

Aims & Objectives
The school believes that the success of our community inherently lies in the achievement of our children. We feel strongly that real academic progress is founded on a secure platform of all-round healthy development, aided by positive role models who embody the values we want our children to have.

This all–round development includes both the intellectual and physical as well as emotional and spiritual development. We believe promoting these aspects of humanity will catalyse community cohesion, helping create and sustain communities where all members are valued and work together for the common good.

The school has in this vein worked hard to form supportive professional relationships with many organisations; organisations that can empathise with the needs of the Redbridge community and work cohesively in creating schools that are reflective of the aspirations and achievements of its youth.